Festive Holiday Crafts for Kids

Kathryn McCrary Photography M&V Mag Hable Construction -41

Stained Glass OrnamentKathryn McCrary Photography M&V Mag Hable Construction -39

  • Pencil
  • Clear contact paper, sit into 4×6″ pieces
  • X-Acto knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Card stock in assorted colors, cut to 4×6 inches
  • Sequins
  • Green tissue paper in assorted tones
  • Paper in small brown rectanglesKathryn McCrary Photography M&V Mag Hable Construction -40
  • Double-sided tape
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtack or teeny tiny hole puncher

1. Cut tissue paper into small triangles and set aside.

2. Draw a rectangle with your pencil 1 inch from the outer edge of your card stock.

3. Using a ruler and the X-Acto knife, cut the center of the card stock out (using a cutting mat) by placing ruler along the pencil line and lightly running the X-Acto blade along the pencil 2-3 times with light pressure, making sure to stay inside the frame.

4. Peel the paper off one 4×6-inch contact sheet.

5. Sprinkle sequins then add the triangles of green tissue in the form of a tree.

6. Add one brown rectangle to the bottom.

7. Peel another contact sheet and press against the back of the collaged tree. Turn over your sandwiched design and affix a card stock frame with double-sided tape.

8. Trim the edges of any peeking contact paper.

9. Thumbtacks make great tiny holes. Pierce the paper in two spots along the top or use a hole puncher.

10. Thread string through and tie at top.


Clay Ornament Kathryn McCrary Photography M&V Mag Hable Construction -43Β 

  • 1-2 packages Activa La Doll Premier Lightweight Stone Clay, 10-1/28 oz.
  • Card stock
  • String
  • Assortment of glitter
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtack or coffee stirrer

1. Take a small clump of clay and flatten it on a hard surface using your hand. Press until the surface is even and approximately ΒΌ-inch thick.

2. Using a thin knife, cut the clay into the shape of your choice. An alternative is to use cookie cutters. When you have your shape, move the excess clay.

3. Flip the shape over and you will have a smooth side. Poke a hole using a thumbtack or coffee stirrer and thread string through.

4. To add glitter, coat your shape with glue and sprinkle glitter lightly onto surface.

5. To make tag, fold card stock in half and cut the shape of your choice. Using double-sided tape, affix this to the string, making sure that part of the string meets the tape.

6. Tie the string at the top and set aside to dry overnight.

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