Bruise No More Cause The Chestee Has Arrived

Nicole Biscuiti in chestee

Nicole Biscuiti, The Chestee 2It’s been a few years since CrossFit went mainstream. Yet the workout system is still popular as ever among the masses, even though life as a CrossFitter often means bruises and tenderness. Those bruises and redness are especially true when the workout of the day (WOD) involves power cleans or push presses, says Nicole Biscuiti, an amateur CrossFitter based in Delray Beach, Florida. With lifting the majority of impact from a loaded barbell is received across the chest and on the collarbone when in the front rack position. Over time and several reps, that area becomes especially sensitive, tender, red and bruises. Enter The Chestee, a patent-pending protective gym shirt with a built-in collarbone and shoulder guard for female athletes’ barbell workouts.

Designed and created by Biscuiti, The Chestee is a direct result of that constant pounding and bruising on your collarbone and shoulders. Biscuiti, a long-time athlete, discovered CrossFit in 2008 and has never looked back. Today, she focuses on Olympic weightlifting and has been training with remote coach for the past four years. Nicole Biscuiti, The Chestee 3She thought of The Chestee idea in 2011 and began developing prototypes in her home. The first professional prototype came in 2013, and since then, there have been several more details to improve the fit and function of the garment. “My fitness goal is to continue being the very best, most fit version of myself and to eventually have no weaknesses, no glaring movements that I cannot do proficiently,” says Biscuiti. The only thing getting in her way were those damn bruises, so instead of allowing it to be an excuse, Biscuiti decided to solve the problem. “I’ve found that for most people who use The Chestee in training, it provides them with confidence … Confidence knowing that when the barbell lands on the collarbone, it is not going to hurt like it used to or leave a bruise or a swollen red mark. That confidence alone is enough to improve an athlete’s mindset, allowing for more focus on the actual movement and lift.”

The idea behind the Chestee is simple: It is a padded collarbone protective workout shirt to be work for everyday training or specific competition movements. Wearing the Chestee is a preventative measure, allowing for athletes to maintain their optimal fitness while training. Currently there are three designs available for purchase on, and all the designs protects the clavicle and are made with a closed-cell natural rubber  and specialized stitch technology that is allows for total movement and comfort. Price ranges from $48.99 to $59.99.

The Chestee collection

Using her background in public relations and fashion, Biscuiti launched the first run of The Chestee inventory in January 2015 at CrossFit competition in Miami called Wodapalooza. She collaborated with dozens of  professionals, from fashion consultants to physical therapists, to develop a substantial product. “I’m a fan of the team approach, and am very lucky to have some exceptionally talented people on my team to handle the stuff I don’t know much about. Trust is there. And that is something worth more than money.” Next up for The Chestee is an expanded line with new styles (back padding to prevent bruising on the back of the neck), colors and size, a Chestee Sports Bra collection in July and a men’s padded shirt. “I can’t tell you how many women have called me to tell me about their [personal records] that they hit while wearing The Chestee. It’s amazing to hear but I tell them the only thing that change was their brain; they always had it in them!”


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