M&V’s Roundup of Self-Care Products

Nu Evolution2

LS_FEMME_FATALE__24081-1.1403202136.1280.1280Nu Evolution

Natural and organic aren’t adjectives that often are paired with high fashion, but this new cosmetics line is changing that, one fashion show at a time. As of August 2014 Nu Evolution was the first and only natural and organic beauty sponsor for New York Fashion Week, and continues to grow a presence season after season. They focus on beautiful packaging and product functionality, a place where some organics fall short.Nu Evolution Nu Evolution is made in the U.S.A., not tested on animals and contains no parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, artificial dyes or fragrances. None of the strict formulation guidelines take away from the selection, color and quality of the products. They manage to stand out in an industry where looks are everything.



groupsetFor many people, their yoga practice is the one chance they have to let go of the day, turn off internal chatter and just be in their bodies. But have you ever found yourself on the mat with to-do lists and life’s latest dramas on your mind? Would a gentle reminder help quiet your mind? This was the idea behind Affirmats, a company that prints classic and custom affirmations on yoga mats. Choose from statements like, “I am enough,” “You are awesome” and “I am strong” or order a mat with your own verse to help keep you in the present and focus your intention. The mats are eco-friendly, printed or embroidered, and come in extra long versions. Next time you find yourself in a downward spiral in downward facing dog, just open your eyes and see that love is everywhere


                                                              Vega Jewelry

vega jewelry 1Everybody wants exclusive jewelry nowadays and made-to-order pieces are the ultimate luxury. Vega Jewelry’s handcrafted pieces take the customization process one step further by incorporating something very personal…your energy. You can have a one-of-a-kind amulet programmed with your desires and dreams or even do it yourself with some guidance. The preciousness of the stones and their powers are exhaustive, but owner Victoria Kray is passionate and helpful. (Her Instagram feed @VegaJewelry is like a mini course in astrology.) Our favorites are the necklaces and mysterious-sounding, aura cleanser that will “wash away all your bad juju.” Don’t be put off by the cosmic vibe; necklaces that look and feel good are a win-win in any circle.


Om Aroma & Co.’s skincare products are produced without any parabens, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes/fragrances or chemical fillers. The Champagne Grapeseed Organic Facial Om Aroma CollectionCleanser is a triple-action favorite and has won a Best of Beauty award. Based in New York’s Catskill Mountains, the company hires women who are re-entering the workforce after staying home to take care of their children. All products are sold at sister store Savor Spa, in NYC’s West Village, where all customers can also enjoy holistic services like facials, massages and Reiki.


pg unwind body oil copyPure Glam is a natural hair and skin care line that uses certified organic ingredients and sustainable sourced essential oils. All products are vegan and cruelty free, and the company prides itself on being an authentic green brand (not just a bandwagoner), every item is safe and worry-free. The Dry Shampoo and Waves Sea Spray are standouts with awards to prove it. On the skincare side, the Muscle Relief Body Massage Oil is good enough for the times when you can’t make it to the spa.

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