The Juicy Secrets Behind Juicing

Alchemy Juice Co

Alchemy Juice Co 3There are a multitude of small changes you can make in your everyday life to increase health benefits. Juicing is one. Yes, it’s also a trend, but this trend is an amazing way to incorporate fruit and vegetables into your diet and digest a daily dose of powerful micronutrients. Cold pressed juice gives your internal organs a direct infusion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that do not require digestion or the processes of being broken down because the fibers have been removed. “There are no rules to juicing, it has to fit your lifestyle.  I believe the old adage—everything in moderation—sums it up best,” says Jen Wesley, owner of Alchemy Juice Co., a grassroots, cold pressed organic juice company based in West Palm Beach. Wesley grew up with her family on the island of St. Thomas. Her growing up on the island meant buying local produce and eating fresh seafood her father would catch. Her family always knew where their meals came from and juicing is a natural extension of that lifestyle.

M&V: Tell me about your company and the meaning behind the name?
WESLEY: Alchemy is defined as the process of transforming something common into something extraordinary. We do this by combining organically sourced fruits, vegetables, nuts, superfoods and herbs. For me, juicing equals passion. I love being able to create a product that I know is beneficial to others. It doesn’t feel like work, although it is definitely an involved process. At the end of the day, the knowledge that I am sharing a product that is delicious and healthy is a great feeling. Over the years I juiced off and on testing out the latest gadgets and new recipes.  In 2013, I started using the Norwalk and was officially a juice junkie.  At first, I was juicing for family and friends and then friends of friends.  When the doctor I assisted for fifteen years announced his retirement, I began the transition into building the business.

M&V: How do you create your juice?
WESLEY: Cold pressed juice is a two-step process. The fruits and vegetables are triturated, or ground up, and then the juice is extracted using a hydraulic press. The end product is a nutritionally dense juice containing three to five times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than traditional at-home juicers. Traditional household juicers use a faster process, which causes the juice to heat up leading to a higher oxidation rate losing nutritional value.

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M&V: What are your most popular ingredients and from where are they sourced?
WESLEY: Kale, spinach, parsley, lemon and ginger are the most popular ingredients. We use Global Organics as well as local farms when the produce is available.

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetM&V: The first few days of juicing can be very difficult. How does someone successfully complete their first cleanse?
WESLEY: The first day or two of any cleanse are definitely the most difficult. I think the most important tip is to get your head in the game. You chose to cleanse for a reason, whether it is a short cleanse to reset your system and start eating better or a more lengthy cleanse to get deeper detoxification. The first days are simply mind over matter. You are consuming six 17-ounce juices per day and drinking copious amounts of water between those juices. You will be full, but you are accustomed to chewing so you crave it at first. Keep the end result in mind.  If you are moaning and groaning about not eating, you’ll make yourself miserable.

M&V: Anything else to keep in mind about juicing?
WESLEY: You don’t have to complete a seven-day cleanse once a month; it’s not about extremes. Try starting your day with a green juice before your coffee, swapping a juice for your mid-morning snack or enjoying a nut milk instead of a sugary dessert: These options are effortless and tastes good too.


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