Get Close & Personal with ESPN’s Michelle Beadle

SportsNation - September 6, 2014

Michelle Beadle
Television host for SportsNation on ESPN

M&V: What are the perks and disadvantages of your job?
BEADLE: The perks of being a commentator are freedom and opinions. The entire job is centered around reaction and opinions on everything from a ridiculous outfit worn by Dwyane Wade to the more serious and often controversial sides of sports. The disadvantages are the same. With those opinions come disagreement, potential backlash and sometimes just venomous responses, all of which are just part of the gig.

M&V: On average, how much homework do you have to do to prep for SportsNation?
BEADLE: Honestly, SportsNation is the kind of the show that just being a fan with a curious nature works. In a normal day, I continue to read the happenings of the day, whether it be world, pop culture or sports. Once I’m in the office, my producers go over each of the segments as I’m in hair and makeup. Usually that involves a description of whatever fun they’ve concocted for the day. I’ve known most of this group for so long that it’s a smooth communication process.

M&V: What is one aspect of your job that you think would surprise people?
BEADLE: That I’m not a reporter and that being ‘unbiased’ isn’t a part of what I do. At least once a day I get some ‘advice’ from a stranger to keep my opinions to myself. I used to concern myself with explaining why their argument was flawed, but sometimes you just have to let it go.

M&V: You’re vocal about domestic violence in sports and you’ve been reprimanded for it, yet you  continue to address the topic. Why?
BEADLE: Part of covering sports sometimes takes a turn into a more serious realm, and lately, domestic violence has been front and center. Being vocal is all I have. I can be goofy and show silly videos, and that’s fine. But when the time comes, it’s important to speak up, and to bring awareness when I can. Change may come slowly, but there won’t be any without people staying focused.

M&V: Recently, we’ve seen the addition of women to the NBA and NFL. Is this a growing trend?
BEADLE: It will be interesting to see where the path of women in male professional sports is headed. Trends scare me because we all know they come and go once the novelty wears off. But the hiring of Becky Hammon [assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs] and Jen Welter [assistant coaching intern for the Arizona Cardinals] is a strong argument for the inclusion of more women moving forward. Strong, capable women are necessary in changing the status quo in the future. Someday gender won’t require special coverage.

This article was first published in the Oct/Nov 2015 issue of Muses & Visionaries magazine. Click here to read the article in its entirety.


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