M&V’s Latest Round Up of Tech Products

ThinOptics-iPhone-Cases-x2-11. ThinOptics
ThinOptics means never losing your eyeglasses again. The company makes insanely thin reading glasses that live in a special mobile holding case. Its nose bridge, made with flexible titanium alloy, with a secure fit, makes arms obsolete. Available in three strengths: +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5.


Moto Hint2. Moto Hint
Bluetooth devices are back with a sleek and discreet vengeance. For left or right ear use, Moto Hint responds to voice commands without touch-activation and automatically powers up when inserted into the ear and shuts down when placed in its charger.


Branch Earphone Splitter3. Branch Earphone Splitter
Share the love, or more accurately, the music and movies. The three-way earphone splitter shaped like a tree reflects audio equipment’s move into the modern era.

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