M&V’s Roundup of Top Gadgets




Stow your smartphone and don your cocktail ring. Using an app connected to your phone, the ring alerts you to messages and sends customized notifications through light and vibrations. Choose from a selection of four semi-precious stones in an 18k gold matte setting.


PhoneSoap Charger

Your smartphone is a veritable petri dish for bacteria. The PhoneSoap Charger uses two UV-C lights to sanitize and kill germs living on the phone’s surface while charging your phone. It takes about four minutes and is compatible with most phones.

phone soap 2

Coravin 1000 Wine Access System


No need to save your favorite wine for the perfect moment. This innovative design allows wine connoisseurs to enjoy wines by the glass without pulling the cork. Using a long, narrow needle, Coravin accesses the pour and pumps argon gas into the space where the wine once was.

Coravin Wine Access System with capsules

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