A Trip to Remember: Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico, dog

The world certainly loves Tulum, Mexico. Thanks to a host of ex-pats who have set up a variety of shops (boutiques, vegan restaurants, yoga zones), the small yet very cultured town is rapidly becoming the it vacation spot for everyone, even for Muses & Visionaries magazine. The true charm of the town is that most products are locally made and the food features local ingredients. Life or a vacation in Tulum means going back to basics.

In early March, M&V shot their travel fashion shoot at the exotic spot (click here to view “Playa Paraiso”). We checked into Max de Zambiasi’s Villa Soliman located in Soliman Bay, a hop, skip and jump away from the beaches of Tulum. The villa is a four-story piece of heaven just steps behind the sand dunes. A quick jolt up the stairs to the 3rd and 4th floor terraces reveals oceans views on the west side and nothing but lush green land everywhere else. Envisioned by de Zambiasi, Villa Soliman was designed to integrate the local nature elements. More importantly (some might argue), it’s the perfect spot for a fiesta.

Photography by Norman Nelson.

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