Brooklyn Museum Welcomes Women Power!

Stuart J Mare_Wave 1_Historical

Valentina Kulagina_Wave 1_HistoricalPolitically engaged art holds court at the Brooklyn Museum in Agitprop!, which explores the legacy and continuing evolution of visual art designed to incite social change. The title is a term that emerged during the Russian Revolution nearly 100 years ago to depict the combination of agitation and propaganda. The sweeping exhibition includes several historical examples, such as the visual rhetoric suffragists wielded to agitate for women’s right to vote and photographs shot in Mexico by Tina Modotti and circulated in the Socialist press. NAACP_Flag_Wave 1_HistoricalArchival documentation of these movements contextualizes the work of 20 individuals and collectives who creatively confront ongoing issues, including the notorious Guerrilla Girls and current global campaigns of CODEPINK as well as the influential art of Yoko Ono, Jenny Holzer and Coco Fusco. In an unusually collaborative, dynamic structure unfolding in three “waves,” the contemporary artists chosen by staff at the museum’s Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art for the initial phase opening Dec. 11, are inviting more artists to be incorporated into displays Feb. 17. This second crop in turn will select the final round whose work will complete the show on April 6, with the combined results on view through August 7.

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