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For most of us, our office is our second home, and spending more than eight hours a day/five days a week in said office often leaves employees feeling burned out. The head honchos at Moore Communications Group, a communications agency in Florida, want to prevent that from happening in their offices. The result? They’ve created an office environment that rejuvenates you, and in turn have seen their employees’ productivity and creativity increase. To better understand how office life affects employees, we got the inside scoop from Moore Communications Group’s Audrey Morris, managing director for the South Florida office, and Shannon Colavechhio, senior director, as well as strategies to consider implementing into office life.


M&V: How long has the company been promoting this type of environment? Since the start or has it gradually evolved as you saw needs arise?

MORRIS: Our corporate culture has always been one that promotes our employees’ success, growth and happiness. Karen Moore, founder and CEO of Moore Communications Group, firmly believes that our commitment to clients begins with our commitment to our employees. Our firm has been shaped by this belief since Karen founded the organization in 1992. Creating an environment where growth and opportunity are the norm ensures great work on behalf of our clients, which has been the cornerstone of our success. We often hear how impressed our clients are with our work and our culture. It’s clear that that clients want to work with a team that enjoys where they work and loves what they do. Moreover, we have many clients in the healthcare arena. Having our own internal commitment to health and wellness just makes sense, and positions us to better understand some of the issues our clients face.

Who was the brainchild behind creating a healthy office?

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MORRIS: Our entire team has a vested interest in creating a great work environment. After all, we all spend more waking hours during the work week with one another than we do with our own families and friends. We turned a major corner when we appointed MCG Director Shannon Colavecchio as our internal wellness director. Shannon is the founder of Badass Fitness and has more than eight years of experience in fitness and nutrition. She developed our wellness challenges and nutritional education programs.

COLAVECCHIO: When I joined MCG in 2010, I spoke with leadership from the start about my enthusiasm for fitness and wellness and how much I would like to share that passion with the MCG team in a way that made us all stronger. We brainstormed and agreed to start the in-house wellness program within a few months of my hiring, after receiving enthusiastic responses from staff.

M&V: How have you seen this positively affect individuals on a personal level as well as the company?

MORRIS: Our environment brings balance to an otherwise stressful job. From reaping the benefits of participating in a free wellness program to taking a moment to play with one of our office dogs, there is ample opportunity to decompress and forge a strong bond with colleagues. As you can imagine, this environment fosters exceptional work and goes on to retain and attract great talent. In fact, more than half of our employees have been with MCG for five years or more and we often hear from potential employees that they are drawn to us because of the reputation of our office culture and client service.


The following strategies are implemented by Moore Communications Group: 

1. MCG thrives on an open-door policy.  All employees have a direct line to the leadership team and are encouraged to share ideas and concerns.

2. To keep employees healthy and happy, MCG offers an optional wellness program. Activities include lunch and learn sessions with the State of Florida executive chef, yoga sessions and healthy potlucks.

3. Comfort is key. Staff are encouraged to dress casually; for instance, jeans are permitted all week. Canine companions are also welcome!

4. MCG allows flexible schedules by providing full-time employees with laptops and allowing them to work from home.

5. Team members receive the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off with pay, in addition to all traditional holidays. Employees get their birthday off as well as a half-day every other Friday. New parents are provided with two weeks of paid leave.

6. Mentorship is part of the culture at MCG.

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