Being ‘That Girl’ Means Empowering Yourself


Everyone needs a safe zone. That’s the purpose of I Am That Girl, building a community for girls to collaborate instead of compete. The brainchild of Emily Greener and Alexis Jones, the nonprofit is attempting to eliminate the ugliness that can come from young girls such as gossiping and inauthenticity. “While there is a still a struggle for equality between men and women, for this generation of girls, it’s not us against them. It’s us against us,” explains Greener. “We can be strong and sexy for one another, contribute to each other’s success and have meaningful conversations.” The message is catching on as dozens of local I Am That Girl chapters are popping up across the U.S. and internationally. It seems like everyone can use a safe space and learn how to have a higher sense of self worth, how to be confidence in her own skin and how to think for herself.

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