About M&V

Muses & Visionaries is a savvy lifestyle magazine inspiring women to create a life well lived through smart and impactful content.

This bi-monthly, luxury publication is geared toward sophisticated, professional, and passion-driven women. Our readers live, work and play in South Florida and beyond. The magazine and its readers represent the “gateway” nature of our region, connecting with, and drawing inspiration from a diverse set of people, places and ideas.

M&V fuses substance with style. It engages readers with thought-provoking and insightful stories about the many things women care about and make decisions around. M&V fills a niche in our regional market by approaching topics relevant to women in a comprehensive way and by acknowledging the full spectrum of women’s lives from work to family and everything in between.

Each issue focuses on a particular theme and is framed around four main pillars­ – INSPIRE, INFORM, IMPACT and NURTURE. Within these pillars is content that explores issues and ideas in depth and from a variety of angles. It empowers women by presenting fresh perspectives through resonant storytelling and thoughtful journalism.

M&V readers are intellectually-engaged women with busy lives who are captivated by intelligent editorial, appealing imagery as well as relevant and aspirational advertising.




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